Sneakerheadz, The Sneaker Documentary You Must See

Sneakerheadz, The Sneaker Documentary You Must See

Sneaker culture has come a long way, but not since Just for Kicks in 2005 has a film tried to comprehend this phenomenon. Sneakerheadz is set to change that with its authentic representation of the sneaker world.


Image via Sneakerheadz

Sneakerheadz, the documentary film that’s set to debut at South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW) on March 16th, will reveal everything you’ve always wanted to know about sneaker culture. Directed and produced by Academy Award-nominee David T. Friendly, the film is set to give an authentic take on a variety of sneaker-related topics, from the obsession with sneaker collecting, to the violence involved that puts sneaker fetish in a bad light and even to the intricacies of the sneaker game in cities like New York, London and Tokyo.

Sneakerheadz will delve into how footwear has become a medium for cultural influence and features interviews with notable individuals the likes of Jeff Staple, Frank the Butcher, Mike Epps and many more. It tells the tale of how some collectors go to great lengths to obtain their kicks, and offers a peek at some huge and elusive collections. Watch the trailer below, and show your support for the film on FanBacked.

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