Social Fabric: Watch How Streetwear Influenced Fashion

Social Fabric: Watch How Streetwear Influenced Fashion

Social Fabric is a Red Bull TV series that uncovers various aspects of menswear.


In S1E12 “Camo”, Kyle learns more about blending in from camo designer William Jarett of Arktis

Social Fabric, a new Red Bull TV series, is hosted by LA-based Brain Dead designer Kyle Ng, who travels the world to uncover various aspects of menswear including denim, camo, sneakers and bling.

The series, made available for streaming on Red Bull TV for free, was launched September 1. So far, 12 episodes have been released.

Each episode covers one aspect of menswear and sees Kyle delving into the lives and perspectives of the artisans, collectors, and celebrities who have a hand in shaping the scene.

In the opening of each episode, Kyle says, “I’m a clothing designer and I’m inspired by the crazy stuff people put on their backs. So I’m gonna go around the world and find the guys who make it, the guys who collect it, and the guys who wear it in the weirdest ways.”

At just 25 minutes per ep, you could easily complete the entire first season of the fascinating series in one sitting.

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