Staple Fall 2013 Collection

Staple Fall 2013 Collection

Combining prep style with military aesthetics, the Staple Fall 2013 collection is now available at the Staple Pop-Up Shop at Shaw Towers, Singapore. 

At the newly opened Staple Pop-Up Shop, you will find the Staple Fall 2013 collection.

The first Fall delivery spans two themes – there’s the “Staple Poison Ivy”, which borrows from the Ivy League aesthetic with collegiate emblems, plaid and color-blocked button-downs and varsity inspired sportswear. Then there’s “Dead Pigeons Society”, a nod in the direction of the fathers of transcendentalism with an enlightened take on man’s encounter with nature. The collection features mixed-material jackets with special lining details, composition notebook-themed prints, patterned woven and embroidered chino pants, jacquard chambray button-down shirts and loopback hoodies, printed five-panel hats and the custom Pigeon camouflage.

The second Fall delivery is themed “Staple Outback”, and is dedicated to the world’s trailblazers. From corduroy, denim, Apache chevrons, and heraldic iconography to our signature embroidered Pigeon pieces, this Fall collection embodies the cult of American fraternity and the rugged outdoors.


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