Staple Spring 2014 Collection

Staple Spring 2014 Collection

The Staple Spring 2014 collection features the application of vintage patterns to sports silhouettes. It also features collaborations with two artists. Here’s a look at the delivery.

Following the concept Opposites Attract, Staple puts out a Spring 2014 collection that combines vintage patterns (paisley, toile, asante) with sporty silhouettes.

Courtney Walker, Staple Design Director explains, “There’s a lot of joy in putting two separate ideas together. It’s not that toile is or isn’t sport, but it’s just you never would’ve thought of it like that.”

This season, the heavy outerwear shells from FW13 give way to breathable casual wear made of mesh nylons, patterned polyesters, yarn-dyed jerseys and chambrays, making it perfect for tropical weather as well.

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The Spring 2014 delivery also features two collaborations, the first with contemporary British artist Dave White whose work involves pop culture and emotive issues. White pioneered the Sneaker Art movement in 2002 and his collaboration with Staple sees his stylized brush strokes on the iconic Staple pigeon.

The second collaboration is with Jack Stocker, well-known for his minimalist sneaker illustrations. His collaborative graphic tees showcase his take on some popular sneakers such as the Air Max 90s.

The Staple Spring 2014 Collection is now available at Reed Space Singapore

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