ILM Challenge Brings Out the Best Star Wars Concept Art Yet

ILM Challenge Brings Out the Best Star Wars Concept Art Yet

Artists who took part in the Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Challenge produced an array of never-seen-before Star Wars concept art.

3,888 artists competed to create the most stunning Star Wars concept art and win the opportunity to work for ILM’s Art Department.

The creatives were told to create two emotive still images, using only existing characters, creatures and vehicles from Episodes IV to VI, to tell a cinematic story.

Participants also had to design new Star Wars vehicles which were relevant to the existing Star Wars universe, and were put through a simulated ILM working environment test to give them a taste of the challenges involved in working on major Star Wars projects.

After sieving through the entries, eight finalists were picked, and ILM even put together a video to highlight some of the best concept art that made the cut.

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Now that the ILM Challenge is done and dusted, fans will have to wait till December 16th, when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is slated to hit cinemas worldwide, to get their Star Wars fix.

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