StockX Now Lets You Buy and Sell Luxury Handbags and Watches

StockX Now Lets You Buy and Sell Luxury Handbags and Watches

You can now buy and sell luxury goods from Rolex, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton with StockX.



US-based customers and sellers can now buy and sell more than just luxury sneakers from StockX.

Unlike luxury sneakers, StockX will only allow users to sell used handbags and watches in “excellent condition”. The company will also inspect all items for sale by hand to ensure quality control and authenticity, reports TechCrunch.

Additionally, the items will receive the same transparent marketing that sneakers receive. Meaning that the item’s historical pricing will be listed, along with its “Bid” (a price which buyers are willing to purchase the item at) and “Ask” (a price the sellers are willing to sell at) price.

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Luxury brands listed on StockX include Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, and Omega – with some luxury items like this Rolex Submariner currently going for US$6 (approx. S$8.50).

TechCrunch reports that StockX’s latest update will be available to international customers and resellers in the future. For more information on StockX and its services, click here.


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