Straat Picks: 5 Sneaker Brands to Look Out for in 2013

2013 will be the year of the comeback kicks. Here are the 5 sneakers brands you should pay attention to this year. 

By Rashid Rahman

1) Pony


Ricky Powell x Pony Slamdunk

Pony was born and bred in Manhattan back in 1972 by the charismatic Roberto Muller. Back in the 70s before the Swoosh (Nike) boom, everyone was rocking Pony. Then came the 90s. The company and its chevron logo couldn’t keep up with competition and sales stagnated. Pony made its most notable comeback in recent history in 2012, when it collaborated with Ricky Powell, a famed photographer, creating the 1982 Vintage Slamdunk silhouette in blue canvas upper featuring a 3M-finished reflective chevron. With a new president, Jim Stroesser, who’s heading the team since beginning of 2013, you can expect more heaters from Pony this year.

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