Straat Snacks: Dine In, Take Out, Have it Delivered, Whatever it is, You Have to MexOut 

Straat Snacks: Dine In, Take Out, Have it Delivered, Whatever it is, You Have to MexOut 

MexOut’s new outlet at Marina Boulevard will dish out Mexican fare all day – from breakfast till dinner. We checked out its new menu.


Breakfast Burrito

Imagine you worked in the heart of the financial district, (maybe) made a lot of money, but hated your job. Wouldn’t a Breakfast Burrito – a flour tortilla packed with crispy bacon, a fried egg, chilli jam and guacamole – and a good cup of joe set your day straight? That’s why the new MexOut branch at Marina Boulevard, unlike its predecessor outlet at Far East Square that serves only lunch and dinner, is open for breakfast through to dinner.


MexOut lets you pick the ingredients you love most, or you can take the safer option and order a signature dish

So you’re not a morning person, well, it gets better at lunch because you have the option to create-your-own combos. First, you pick a base – burrito, taco, salad or rice bowl, and then you pick a main filling – char-grilled chicken, marinated flank steak or pork shoulder. Your self-made combo is then topped off with a variety of fresh salsa and greens. You have no time for lunch? The create-your-own-combo is also available at dinner time.

Say you’re chained to your desk for some sad reason and can’t leave the office. MexOut offers food delivery in the Central Business District (CBD), so if you can’t come to the food, let the food come to you.

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Now that’s a burrito to die for

The Night Bites menu that was well-received at MexOut’s first outlet also makes its way to this new branch. There are seven types of scrumptious tapas available in all including Sliced Steak and Chilli Jam, Stuffed Jalapeños and Pulled Pork Empanadas.

These snacks can be ordered separately, but it’s best to pick a couple of them, at special mix-and-match prices, to share with your dinner buddies. Throw in a bucket of Corona or a jug of Sangria and you get a hearty after-work meal that will keep you happy and coming back for more.


MexOut is located at Marina Bay Financial Tower 3 (12 Marina Boulevard, #02-05), Singapore 018982. Opening hours are 8am – 9pm (Mondays to Fridays). Visit its website for more information.

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