Hot Shots: 11 moments from Street Superior 2018

Hot Shots: 11 moments from Street Superior 2018

The inaugural Street Superior Singapore 2018 boasted some of the best kicks and clothing.

Street Superior Singapore

From Marty McFlys to mee rebus, Street Superior was one for the memory books. Here are some highlights from the event.

1. Hiding in plain sight

Street Superior Singapore

SBTG put up some of his Nike SB collabs for sale in collaboration with VeChain, a blockchain company. The tie-up saw NFC chips incorporated into each shoe, revealing proof of authenticity. This could well be the future of sneaker reselling.

2. Precious cargo

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The latest Off-White x Rimowa luggage, not sold in Rimowa stores in Singapore, found its way into Street Superior. A unicorn if we ever saw one!

3. Wall of Flame

From Hello Kitty Prestos to Vans x WTAPS samples, the Wall of Flame was a display of the rarest and hottest sneakers, then and now, all on loan from sneakerheads from Singapore.

4. Lady Luck

Hypedrop gave festival-goers a chance to cop some sought-after sneakers for as little as S$2. The keymaster machine was either your best friend or, like many of those that tried their hand at it, your worst nightmare.

5. Sing it!

The karaoke room was a nice addition to Street Superior. It was a good place to let off steam, either from spending too much money or not winning anything at all.

6. Clean sweep

Nobody loves dirty sneakers, especially not the sneakers you love. Luckily, Jason Markk was on hand with their Singapore Cleaning Crew to clean up your creps.

7. Hype art

This is the first year that Sole Superior incorporated art in such a major way.

8. Trading pit

The sneaker trading pit at Street Superior Singapore was bustling, with everyone trying to get their hands on the best deals.

9. Hair affair

The Golden Rule was on-site to provide quick haircuts and sick fades.

10. Kid flips

The half-pipe was a hit with the festival-goers as skaters of all ages showed off their tricks for the audience.

11. Your neighborhood convenience store

LE Convenience definitely stood out with its concept store inspired by local mini-marts. Mixing the hottest shoes with everyday items from canned goods to candy, this was definitely a unique shopping experience only to be found at Street Superior.

What were some of your highlights of Street Superior Singapore? Were you able to cop some grails? Let us know in the comments. 

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