Guide to fit up different outfits with grey Nike Dunks

Guide to fit up different outfits with grey Nike Dunks

Sick and tired of the typical black and white color tone of the Nike Dunk? Explore the ‘grey area’ with our Nike Dunk selection and pair them with different styling aesthetics.


Over the past 2 years, Nike has flooded the online shelves and physical retailers with a spectrum of colorways of the iconic Nike Dunks. The grey colorway in particular has become a versatile option for many outfits. Let’s explore the allure of grey Nike Dunks and delve into creative ways to style them for various occasions.

Monotone black and white ensemble


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Embrace the simplicity and timelessness of achromatic colors by pairing them with a monotone outfit. Opt for black straight jeans and a crisp white t-shirt for a casual, effortlessly cool look. Throw on a black leather jacket for an edgier look. The grey Dunks act as the perfect neutral canvas, allowing the monochrome palette to shine.

Loud apparel with grey Dunks as the contrast


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The grey Nike Dunks can serve as the ideal grounding element for those who love bold and vibrant fashion pieces. Pair them with loud and colorful pieces, such as a graphic-print shirt or a tie-dye sweatshirt. Balance the eye-catching top with neutral-colored joggers or chinos for a harmonious contrast. The grey Dunks provide a subtle undertone, allowing the statement pieces to take center stage while maintaining a cohesive look.

Grey Dunks with a suit for a formal look

Break the traditional boundaries of formal wear by incorporating grey Nike Dunks into your suited ensemble. Opt for a tailored suit with a white dress shirt for a classic base. Instead of traditional dress shoes, dress it down with the grey Dunks, adding a contemporary and unexpected twist. This fusion of formal and casual elements creates a sophisticated yet approachable aesthetic, making it suitable for events that call for a touch of individuality.

Grey Nike Dunks open up a world of styling possibilities, from casual streetwear to unexpected formal pairings. If you are looking for the perfect neutral sneaker for any and every look, it’s time to add a pair of Grey Nike Dunks to your rotation. 

Our picks of the best grey Dunks that can suit all your styling needs:

Product: Nike Dunk Low ‘Grey Fog’
Price: S$183 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

grey dunks 1GOAT

Product: Wmns Nike Dunk Low ‘Cool Grey’
Price: S$224 (US7W)
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Product: Nike Dunk Low ‘Pure Platinum Wolf Grey’
Price: S$222 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT


Product: Wmns Nike Dunk Low ‘Light Smoke Grey’
Price: S$171 (US7W)
Buy here: GOAT

grey dunks 3GOAT

Product: Nike Dunk High ‘Vast Grey’
Price: S$282 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

grey dunks 2GOAT

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