21-Year-Old Supreme Collector Insures His Stash for £40,000

21-Year-Old Supreme Collector Insures His Stash for £40,000

Supreme collector Eric Whiteback is the man behind those viral Supreme posts.

Photo: Eric Whiteback in a Supreme adorned bedroom

Supreme collector and Instagram sensation Eric Whiteback has insured his Supreme collection for £40,000.

The 21-year-old student from Pennsylvania, USA, first realized his personal collection needed to be insured when a regular stock-take he performs revealed that his Supreme stash was worth more than US$50,000 at current market value.

A quick visit to Whiteback’s Instagram page shows that he does indeed own an enviable quantity of Supreme apparel and accessories, including pieces from the coveted Supreme x The North Face collection.

The streetwear fanatic admits that he wears less than 15% of the clothes in his massive Supreme collection – can’t say we’re surprised.

Whiteback has a healthy following of about 35,000 followers on Instagram.

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