Custom Supreme x Akira Fiat 500 Spotted Outside Colette Store Paris

Custom Supreme x Akira Fiat 500 Spotted Outside Colette Store Paris

Like the Supreme x Akira collab needed more attention.

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The spotted Supreme / Akira car in Paris is an art project by Charles Monteverdi. The domain has also been registered by him which currently redirects to the Supreme website. On his website he states the project description as follows „The question arises: how to be part of the banquet for the Supreme Akira collection? An effective idea would draw „a little more“ attention to this event and indirectly, demonstrate my expertise.“ So for that he styled this car and placed it in front of Colette Paris. He also states „He will communicate soon on the result“ of the project. If you consider the current reposts and such about the car, it seems to be already working out for Charles 😉 #supreme

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A Supreme x Akira branded car, designed by artist Charles Monteverdi, has been spotted in front of the Colette store Paris.

The Supreme and Akira co-branded car also bears the words “#Akira2018” and “” on both sides, which seems to confirm the Supreme x Akira collection will drop sometime in 2018.

A quick search of the hashtag #Akira2018 on Instagram has revealed several posts of photos of the car, as well as mock-ups of the forthcoming collaborative collection that the car promotes.

Interestingly, the URL leads to Supreme’s official website. At time of writing, Supreme’s website bears no information about its collaboration with Akira.

The car is certainly another exciting step towards the grand reveal of the Supreme x Akira collab. It was only about three weeks ago when Akira’s creator first sent fans into a tizzy when he spoke about the project on TV.

One thing’s for sure, much like Supreme’s collaboration with erotic manga artist Toshio Maeda, you can expect the Akira collection to go at sky high resale prices.

Are you excited about the Supreme x Akira, or is it just another day, another collab? Let us have your thoughts in the comments below. 

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