TAJ Releases Compelling Music Videos for “7dB”and “The Astral Journey”

TAJ Releases Compelling Music Videos for “7dB”and “The Astral Journey”

TAJ is back to deliver a visual treatment for two of its standout tracks, “7dB” and “The Astral Journey”.


The “7dB” music video from TAJ is in perfect sync with the track’s mix of drum and bass, contemporary jazz and hip-hop.

In fact, the song title, “7dB”, is multifarious. “[It] came from the idea that we play with in the last part of the song, where it goes into a 7/4 time signature of drum and bass! So basically that was our working title, to identify the song whenever we practiced it,” Tim De Cotta of TAJ told Straatosphere.

“7dB”, which plays on the measurement of the loudness of sound via decibels, “is also a commentary on how things in life can be too loud, and sometimes you just need to tune it out,” added Tim.

The video, filmed in a forest in Bandung, Indonesia, features contemporary dancer Tess Pang. She is alone throughout, appearing to be battling inner demons, expressed through a combination of turns, twists and whirls that are synchronized with the music.

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As the song reaches its peak, she is seen transformed into a darker, more sinister version of herself and she runs towards what seems to be an unseen force.

Shortly after dropping the music video for “7dB”, the band went ahead to release another visual piece for their second track titled “The Astral Journey”. Made to look like it’s shot on traditional film, the video is playful and nostalgic, and falls perfectly in line with the track’s theme of the trivialities of youth.

TAJ’s EP, The Astral Journey, is titled after the band’s belief that self, mind, being and all the other planes that exist that are accessible from within.

Watch it below and follow TAJ on Facebook for updates.

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