17-Year-Old Teen Sells $1 Million Worth of Custom Socks

17-Year-Old Teen Sells $1 Million Worth of Custom Socks

At 17 years old, Brennan Agranoff has already sold one million dollars in custom socks.

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Brennan came up with the idea of designing custom socks when he was just 13 years old.

As the founder and CEO of HoopSwagg, Brennan Agranoff receives around “100 new sock orders” every day. According to Yahoo, Brennan has designed over 500 socks by himself.

His designs are entirely random and they range from psychedelic galaxy prints to digital camo patterns. Besides socks, Brendan also sells customized arm sleeves for basketballers and runners.

Helping him with the business is his father Brian, who also invested in the company. “Never underestimate the power and ability your kids have to do something cool”, said the older Agranoff.

Brennan currently works five to six hours a day after school. He has plans to pursue a college education, however, he wants to graduate from high school first to work for his company full-time.

Check out more awesome designs at HoopSwagg.

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