Tell Your Children Turns Three, Celebrates with Commemorative Tee

Tell Your Children Turns Three, Celebrates with Commemorative Tee

Singapore-based creative collective Tell Your Children celebrates three years of business with the release of its “THE THIRD YEAR T-SHIRT”.

Tell Your Children

“THE THIRD YEAR T-SHIRT” by Tell Your Children commemorates the creative collective’s very illustrious (pun intended) journey.

The “THE THIRD YEAR T-SHIRT” will be available January 11th, 12pm SGT on Tell Your Children’s store.

We reached out to Deon Phua, one of the collective’s four members, and gathered his thoughts on the team’s success so far.

“Having retained our sanity (somewhat) while weaving the realms of creativity and business has to be an accomplishment worth patting ourselves on the back for. That being said, the journey is far from over,” Deon said.

“The biggest accomplishment so far has been to continue doing what we love with our friends. We’ve always been community-driven and to have our small community of friends and creatives slowly grow through the years has been really fulfilling for us,” he added.

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TYC 3rd Anniversary

Having taken part in many creative endeavors while retaining their status as independent artists, the four members of Tell You Children have certainly faced many struggles throughout their three years together.

“In our current line of business, there’s always the eternal debate of creatively fueled projects that net no money against the boring ones which would help cover our overheads for the month. Ultimately it’s about feeding the right wolf, and to trust our gut feeling when it comes to taking things a certain direction that might not necessarily be the most optimum,” Deon said.

He added, “Having all of us coming from a purely creative background, one struggle was trying to figure out from many conversations how to properly manage our cashflow, invoicing and other admin matters pertaining to running a business.”
 Tell Your Children

With the thought of new year resolutions still fresh in our heads, we asked Deon what we can look forward to from Tell Your Children in 2017.

“Inter-dimensional travel and the quantum mechanics of teleportation.  And more conversations across the border seems to be in order. We’re also planning to focus on more inter-disciplinary type projects as well as a bit more apparel this year,” he said.

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