The Analog Vault: Books, Mags and Vinyls All in One Spot

The Analog Vault: Books, Mags and Vinyls All in One Spot

Esplanade may be the destination for live performances, but it’s also home to The Analog Vault, a new cozy spot that’s big on its collection of records, books and magazines.


Brought to you by vinyl records retailer Vinylicious Records, book collector/seller, The Arkhivist, and independent magazine retailer Magpie Magazines, The Analog Vault contains a comprehensive mix of products for those who still appreciate physical formats of media.

A curated range of new and used records across multiple genres such as rock, jazz and pop take up majority of the shop space. There’s even a Vinyl Vault where highly sought-after vinyl rarities and test pressings (sample vinyl records) are sold, as well as intimate “Whisky and Jazz” sessions where customers can enjoy whisky tastings while listening to a wide repertoire of fine jazz recordings on vinyl.

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Book lovers can seek out interesting titles that cover subjects like music, design and culture, all curated by The Arkhivist, while magazine fanatics can grab up-and-coming and established publications brought in by Magpie Magazines.

The Analog Vault is located at Esplanade Mall, #02-13 (8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039802). Opening hours are 1pm to 9pm daily.

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