The incredible lightness and style of Cole Haan’s GrandPro Turf and ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer

The incredible lightness and style of Cole Haan’s GrandPro Turf and ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer

2019 marks the debut of the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf – a classic silhouette in a modern, ultra-light package.

cole haan GrandPro Turf All Day Trainer
Introducing the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf (on the man's feet) and ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer (on the lady's feet)

The brand also unveiled the ZEROGRAND ALL-DAY TRAINER, a single shoe for jumping rope and jumping between meetings. Here’s a look at the two styles.

Cole Haan has almost a century of experience producing quality shoes that reflect its American heritage. The brand is renowned for developing progressive and contemporary footwear designs that are perfect for any wearer, anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic to wear for days on end or a one-sneaker-wonder that suits every occasion, the legacy brand has just what you need in its new arrivals section. Get a closer look at the latest Cole Haan GrandPro Turf sneakers and ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainers below.

Cole Haan GrandPro Turf Couple Shot
Step into your comfort zone with the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf (on the lady's feet) and ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer (on the man's feet).

The classic sneaker has made its mark as a must-have silhouette in everyone’s closet. It’s simple by nature, yet effortlessly stylish. Over the decades, we’ve seen variations of the silhouette – constructed in canvas, suede, or even premium leather for a touch of luxury. With the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf, we’re looking at new features that will shake up the playing field. The heritage brand has revolutionized the familiar feeling of a classic sneaker with a new-found sense of weightlessness. You won’t have to sacrifice the comfort of modern sneakers anymore when you pull on a pair to complete a smart casual look.

cole Haan GrandPro Turf individual
Cole Haan GrandPro Turf: modern take on a classic silhouette.

Rolling out alongside this classic is the ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer, a sneaker you’d never thought you’d need in your rotation. The modern design will fit seamlessly into a life that’s constantly transitioning from commute to the office to the gym – all packed in one sneaker.

cole Haan GrandPro Turf All-Day trainer
Cole Haan ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer: keeps you on your feet all-day.

Cole Haan is spearheading a new sense of lightness and purpose to everyday shoes – one that propels life forward without a hitch. Ready your weekend game plan with a desirable classic – the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf – priced at S$259 for men and S$239 for women. You might want to consider the versatile ZEROGRAND All-Day Trainer as well, a pair that allows you to go from active to professional effortlessly. The trainer retails at S$329 for men and S$259 for women.

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Where to buy:
Cole Haan Paragon #02-11 and Suntec City #01-473 (North Wing)

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