RBMA’s “The Note” Reveals Untold Stories in the Music World

RBMA’s “The Note” Reveals Untold Stories in the Music World

Red Bull Music Academy’s (RBMA) digital TV series, The Note, is a must-watch for every musician out there.

Alex Rosner

Alex Rosner (Image via Red Bull Content Pool)

Consisting of four episodes, The Note follows the work of creative minds and movements that have all played integral roles in the music world.

The first episode centers on Alex Rosner, a sonic architect and guru behind some of New York City’s iconic clubs. Rosner’s life has been about creating sound-driven spaces that captivate anyone who walks into a club.

“The solution is to start the evening very quiet, and slowly build it up,” he said. “It’s like sex, you gotta start slow. You get carried away right away, what are you going to do an hour later?”

The documentary also takes a peek at Rosner’s longstanding relationship with David Mancuso, the man who started the “by invitation only” parties that popularized New York City’s club scene.

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More episodes are available on RBMA’s YouTube Channel, each featuring a different personality and facet of music-making. Definitely worth the watch if you’re serious about making music.

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