The Official Launch of ART BAR at The Butter Factory

The Official Launch of ART BAR at The Butter Factory

Come Friday, July 19th, The Butter Factory will unveil the brand new ART BAR. Expect an artsy space, crafty cocktails and electronic music with a unique spin by guest DJ, BOK BOK (UK).

By Kim Hana


This Friday from 12 midnight to 4am, The Butter Factory unveils its latest surprise – ART BAR, a revamped space previously known as Fash, now offering party people good music and crafty cocktails in an artsy setting.

The launch party will be fueled by electronic music by guest BOK BOK, a London based DJ, producer, remixer and director of the Night Slugs record label.

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Bok Bok of Night Slugs, UK

The art in “ART BAR”

ART BAR will make art a major element of the new venue by working with local artists and designers who will create exclusive pieces for the new venue, display their works and also showcase their craft, ‘live’.

This Friday, witness art created ‘live’ by local graf artist ClogTwo, amidst a backdrop of exclusive works made by Speak Cryptic, Kristal Melson, Sharul Amir and Eric Foenander.

ART BAR will also double up as a gallery so you can expect more art and creative expressions coming your way.


The bar in “ART BAR

What’s a bar without the booze? Art Bar offers a carefully crafted cocktail menu, prepared by mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong, who was voted “Bartender of the Year” and is also the man behind Pangaea’s $32,000 cocktail.

Ten ART BAR -exclusive cocktails to choose from, of which five are “skinny cocktails” – perfect for the health conscious cocktail lover.

Details of Official Launch

Venue: ART BAR, The Butter Factory (former Fash)
Date: Friday, July 19th
Time: Public – 12mn to 4am (starts 8pm for invited guests only)
Cover charge: $15 (includes 1 drink)
No cover charge on regular nights after the official launch
Theme/Dress code: ‘Trash Fashion” (recycled household trash styled as cheap & chic party gear)

Regular opening hours: Wed, Fri, Sat & Eves of Public Holidays from 8pm – 4am. ART BAR is closed on Thursdays.
Minimum age requirement for entry: 18 years of age. Standard club rules apply.

For more information, visit

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