The Sims’ Latest Update Removes Gender Boundaries

The Sims’ Latest Update Removes Gender Boundaries

EA Games has lifted all gender boundaries with its latest update of The Sims 4, making the game that much closer to reality.

Players of The Sims 4 can now tweak their characters without bothering about gender restrictions.

The free update comes with over 700 pieces of new clothing, voices, physiques, hair and strut options in the “Create A Sim” feature.

This update has been a year’s work in progress and involved reworking previously gender-specific content.

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“Players have been asking why certain hairstyles, clothing, and other options were limited to one gender or the other,” lead producer Lyndsay Pearson told The Verge. “The update gives players more ways to reflect the world around them, or in their imaginations, creating the sims and the stories they want.”

Other than the new character options, players are now able to switch a sim’s gender during the game as and when they please.

Since The Sims made its debut in 2000, it has included same-sex relationships, allowing such couples the ability to adopt children and acknowledge each other as “husband/husband” or “wife/wife.”

Learn more about the update here.

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