A guide to wearing Timberland boots: Styling tips and sizing notes

A guide to wearing Timberland boots: Styling tips and sizing notes

Our Timberland boots styling and sizing guide provides valuable tips on how to wear the heritage footwear.

Timberland Boots Styling Biggy SmallsTimberland

Biggie Smalls rocking Timberland boots while playing dice.

There’s plenty to love about the Timberland boot. From a practical standpoint, the boot is waterproof and durable, making it a highly dependable footwear. Plus, anyone who’s someone in hip-hop has rocked a pair of Timbs at some point in their careers, so from a cultural point of view, these boots are up there. It’s not known as the heritage boot for nothing.

In a time where sneakers reign supreme, we can see how Timberlands by way of their chunkiness, deter people from wanting to put them on. On the other hand, we know so many who have always wanted to rock a pair of Timberland boots, but not quite knowing how to go about this.

This Timberland boots styling and sizing guide aims to address both these camps. Timberland boots, with its neutral orange leather upper, are a great looking pair of footwear. The silhouette tapers off towards the forefoot, so these look streamlined on-feet despite its high top. All this to say Timberland boots are easier to pair with outfits than most people expect.

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A better boot

Better news yet, from September 21, the 6″ heritage boot, one of Timberland’s bestsellers, will come in the Earthkeepers edition, also known as EK+. This is done to reduce the brand’s environmental impact by adopting more eco-conscious production methods. For instance, the EK+ boot uses leather sourced from tanneries that practice responsible environmental methods, while the rubber used in the outsole is taken from plantations that don’t participate in deforestation. The lining of the boot is a waterproof material made from 50% recycled plastic.

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Styling Tips

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Colors: The neutral colors on Timberland boots means they are easy to pair with outfits. You can rock them with camo prints, blue denim or even solid colored pants.

Pants: Baggy is the way to go – these chunky boots are built wide with heavy padding. As such, avoid wearing anything tighter than a slim fit pair of cargo pants. The idea is to keep the width of the boots in line with the rest of your legs.

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Shorts: Be careful when wearing shorts. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, but a happy medium can achieve an amazing look. Pharrell is one of the few fashion icons who has mastered the shorts and boots look.

Sizing Tips

Timberland Boots Sizing

The Timberland boots tend to run wide. To be safe, it’s best to head to your local Timberland store and try on a pair to find the perfect fit. If you have to shop online, the safest bet is to go one full size down.

Do you find our Timberland Boot styling and sizing guide useful? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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