Tinder Boost Puts You at the Center of Attention

Tinder Boost Puts You at the Center of Attention

Tinder steps up its game by introducing a new feature — Tinder Boost — to make you more noticeable to other users.


With Tinder Boost, your profile could be the first to be seen by potential matches in the same area.

For 30 minutes, Tinder Boost will let fellow Tinder users around you see your profile before others. Apparently, this will increase your chances for a match and get you up to 10 times more views than usual.

According to Mashable, a single Boost can cost between AU$4.70–7.99, depending on how many you purchase at one go.

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But if you’re already paying for Tinder Plus, another premium feature that offers unlimited swipes and more “super likes”, you get one free Boost every week.

Users in Australia will be the first to enjoy this new feature, with other accounts worldwide expected to follow soon.

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