Tom DeLonge Releases New Science Fiction Novel

Tom DeLonge Releases New Science Fiction Novel

Tom DeLonge lets his music career take a backseat for now and publishes a new novel targeted at young adults.


Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl is Tom DeLonge’s latest effort in his storytelling endeavor.

The first in a planned trilogy, this novel tells the story of a bunch of eighth grade social outcasts who are forced to work together on a science project. An encounter with a young female ghost sends them on an adventure to solve the haunting mystery surrounding their hometown.

“This is a story reflecting some of the peripheral moments in my life. Of a suburban kid who grew up breaking rules, getting kicked out of high school, and obsessively looking for the more unusual and imaginative experiences that this world has to offer,” said DeLonge.

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The former Blink 182 frontman is no stranger to the paranormal, having gone on record to talk about his obsession with UFOs and other such phenomenon.

Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl is now available on Amazon.

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