Track Your Health & Fitness with the UA Record App

Track Your Health & Fitness with the UA Record App

Fitness activity tracking tools are all the rage these days, and Under Armour enters the fray with UA Record, its very own fitness tracking app.

Under Armour UA Record

Wearable devices, coupled with health and fitness tracking tools, are complementary to the modern-day fitness enthusiast or athlete. Now, Under Armour jumps on the bandwagon with the launch of UA Record, a personalized health and fitness app.

Offering an easy way to manage one’s health and fitness levels, UA Record not only tracks fitness activity data, but also analyzes it and allows for sharing on social networks. The app connects to a variety of third party devices and logs information such as workouts, steps taken and amount of sleep. Data is easily cross-compared and patterns easily identified.

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UA Record is also instrumental to building a fitness community. Users can like and comment on a friend’s workout, or create challenges for like-minded fitness pals to compete in. The app also gives a behind-the-scenes peek at how Under Armour’s elite athletes attain their fitness goals. What are you waiting for, get started on your journey towards optimum fitness today!

The UA Record app is free of charge and is available on both App Store and Google Play.

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