Watch “Trollin”, Rapper Mean’s Response to Cyber Bullies and Haters

Watch “Trollin”, Rapper Mean’s Response to Cyber Bullies and Haters

“Trollin” is the first music video from Mean’s latest album, By Any Means.

Mean gets real about the haters in his latest music video for “Trollin”.

The MV, directed by Henry Ng A.K.A. Street Style Poser, is set against the beautifully graffitied backdrops of Sydney, Australia. In it, Mean is seen rapping while partaking in mundane activities such as eating – alluding to the musician’s apathetic reaction to the haters.

In keeping with his “dapper rapper” image, Mean wears designer labels Balenciaga, Dior, Valentino and Craig Green in the video.

Melbourne-based rapper Judo also features on the track. He appears in the “Trollin” music video as an elusive figure in a mask – perhaps to embody the online trolls who cower behind the mask of anonymity.

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“‘Trollin’ addresses an actual experience I faced on social media. Not that I haven’t but I only then, realized how real cyber-bullying is, how helpless you can be online and how it could happen to anyone. In this song, I wanted to flip the negativity into something positive,” said the musician in an interview in March this year – just before the track was released in April as part of the musician’s EP, By Any Means.

Check out the music video above and let us know your thoughts. Meanwhile, keep up with Mean’s work here.

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