Grime Rapper REQ Drops New Music Video and Tour Details

Grime Rapper REQ Drops New Music Video and Tour Details

REQ kills two musical birds with one stone heavy announcement.

Grime rapper REQ has released the music video to his new track “Swear Down”, taken off his second EP Sleeping Giant released earlier this month.

“This project was a chance for me to express myself with a more UK-style sound, incorporating some Grime tracks and just generally going back to my roots,” said REQ in a press release.

From Friday, July 7, REQ will be touring five countries: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and China. In Singapore, REQ will perform at the 100 Bands Festival (details pending) and the Sweet Summer Set Fest.

To find out more, we asked REQ some questions about “Swear Down.

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What’s “Swear Down” all about?
“Swear down” is slang from where I grew up, and it means “I promise”. It’s kind of a promise to all the people I’m close to and don’t get to speak to very often. Living so far away from my hometown, you have to adapt and recognize that being close to someone means a lot more than just distance. With that in mind, I decided to make a detailing some of the things that have happened in my past.

Charles ENERO of Grizzle Grind Crew also features in your music video. How did that come about?
ENERO was the first person in Singapore who really convinced me to take music more seriously when I moved here. So he’s definitely one of my closest friends here. The night I recorded the track he happened to come by to the studio, so I asked him if he could just talk on the intro and outro. I didn’t hear what he had said until the final mix was done.

In your last Instagram post, you said “Swear Down” is one of the most important songs you’ve made so far. Why?
When I first started writing lyrics it was always about personal experience, but when you grow your life changes and you rap about different topics. I’ve always been very private about some of the incidents that have happened in my younger years. With some encouragement from those around me, I decided to create the song! It’s definitely one that I’m sure I will listen to in years to come and know it was a special moment.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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