Watch: “Badman” Music Video by REQ

Watch: “Badman” Music Video by REQ

Finally, here it is, the music video to REQ’s anticipated debut single “Badman”, exclusively on Straatosphere.

By Tira Lee

REQ is an exciting addition to Singapore’s flourishing music scene. Bringing mad flow to the table, the rapper/songwriter debuts his “Badman” music video exclusively through Straatosphere today. Get to know the “Badman” rapper better here, and of course, check out the video above.

First things first, what’s “Badman” about? 
“Badman” is a personification of what young men – especially rappers – are supposed to be. We are all expected to be bad boys, but at the same time I wanted to show rap is a competitive sport. Put me in a room with another rapper and a microphone; I want to come out on top. That aside, I’m hoping “Badman” can become an anthem people can chant along to!

You’ve lived in Liverpool and a few other cities prior to moving to Singapore. 
I’ve lived in a number of places, I had short stints in Hong Kong, Holland and Singapore as a child, but most of my time was spent in England.

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Hence why your music is heavy on grime influences?
I think it’s mainly the environment we grew up in. In England, we can relate to grime and UK rappers a lot more in terms of subject matter. People like Wiley and Dizzee Rascal were like our Tupac and Biggie!

Anyone in the grime scene you’d like to collab with? 
I would love to work with people like Skepta and Stormzy, but my dream collaboration would be Kano. He is an emcee I grew up listening to and definitely my main inspiration in mastering the art form.

You’ve been dabbling in music since you were 15. How have you grown as a musician over the years?
Primarily I’ve always considered myself a lyricist. From freestyling on street corners and house parties, I grew up in an era when your flow and content were always what set you apart from the rest. I feel I’ve definitely grown in a way that I’ve learnt to incorporate that into making a catchy song.

What’s your song-making process like?
Every song varies; I think it depends on who you are working with as well. When I work with Shorya (Sharma), our producer at AOR Studios, we already have a great chemistry. I might pitch an idea and he will craft a beat from that. Or he might come up with something and think I will sound dope on it! I like to tackle my content first as it’s always my priority. Old habits die hard! I prefer to write the chorus first as it embodies the whole song!

Any particular songwriting quirks?
I can write at any time, but sometimes I might hear a word which I think sounds good and I end up basing a whole song or verse around that word or phrase. Sometimes the word or phrase that inspired me doesn’t even end up in the final product!

What can we look forward to for your next release?
For my next releases, I’m looking to show more diversity, anything from flat-out grime songs to music with a more hip hop feel. Hopefully, in time, I can show that I can offer something to everyone regardless of his or her musical preferences.

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This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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