Trump Draws: About the Only Thing Trump-Related That’s Funny

Trump Draws: About the Only Thing Trump-Related That’s Funny

The Trump Draws account profile reads: “I’m the president and I like to draw.”

Trump Draws is a series of GIFs of President Donald Trump showcasing his childish drawings.

As POTUS, Trump wasted no time in signing a number of executive orders. The implications of these orders have led to people and brands speaking out against them. Also regrettable was the fact that the President, in his eagerness to present these signed executive orders, unintentionally gave the Internet the perfect shot at making a meme out of him.

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Trump Draws on Twitter wasted no time. Its creator started superimposing childish illustrations to replace the executive orders in the original photo/clip. Each GIF posted on the feed shows Trump holding up his amateur doodles while wearing a proud expression on his face.

“It’s hard not to take advantage of someone holding up paper, especially our leader of the free world”, said the creator of @TrumpDraws in an interview with NYMag

At time of publishing, the Twitter account had 230k followers, with select memes receiving over 23k retweets. A huge leap from the previous 12k follower count the page had after it first launched on Wednesday, February 1st.

The meme is also popular on other platforms such as Reddit, achieving top Reddit post status on Tuesday, January 31st.

Here are some of our favorite ones:

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