Dig into these ‘ice kacang’ and ‘cendol’ themed Dunks

Dig into these ‘ice kacang’ and ‘cendol’ themed Dunks

Here’s how you can join the raffle for the one-of-one Ice Kacang and Chendol Nike Dunks by Tuckshop Supplies.

Chill Out With These Custom Tuckshop Supplies Nike Dunks

Model: Tuckshop Supplies Nike Dunk “Ice Kacang” and “Chendol”

Drop date: August 22

Enter raffle: Tuckshop Supplies Instagram

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In celebration of Singapore’s National Day on August 9, sneaker customizer Tuckshop Supplies has created two special edition Nike Dunks inspired by two Singaporean treats – chendol and ice kacang.

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The sneakers cannot be purchased but will be given away to two lucky sneakerheads who cop their National Day Goodie pack. Each pack contains three limited edition badges, Ice Kacang Nike Dunk sticker, Chendol Nike Dunk sticker and two exclusive Tuckshop postcards. They retail for S$10 a pack. 

The one-of-one US8 Chendol Dunks sport custom panels inspired by the ingredients of the creamy dessert – off-white panels reference the coconut cream base and green hits replicate the look of the green rice flour jelly. Hits of dark brown and caramel mirror the addition of red bean and brown sugar that gives the dessert its sweetness.

The Ice Kacang pair will arrive in US7.5 sizing and has been given a colorful treatment that replicates the bright green and pink syrup that coats the icy dessert. Adding a pop of texture is the heel overlay that recreates the look of the corn often found at the base of ice kacang.

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Enter the raffle: To participate, you have to purchase their goodie packs through their Instagram DM, @Tuckshop.supplies. Each purchase entitles you to two raffle entries to score either Tuckshop Supplies Nike Dunk. Winners will be announced during a live draw on August 22.

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