Get Decked Out in “Twin Peaks” Skate Merch

Get Decked Out in “Twin Peaks” Skate Merch

Twin Peaks director David Lynch teams up with skateboard brand Habitat to create a line of skate merch inspired by the TV series.

Twin Peaks, the hit TV show from the 90s, gets its own skate merchandise that includes skateboards, graphic tees, and mugs.

The merchandise is made in collaboration with Habitat, a skate brand known for its artfully decorated decks. The Twin Peak line of decks, in particular, will feature artwork inspired by the show, including the Double R Diner and characters such as Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper, and Audrey Horner.

The decks are priced at USD$54.99 (approx. S$77.15) while the t-shirts go for USD$30.00 (approx. S$42.10). View the full collection here.

Meanwhile, Twin Peaks returns to TV on May 21. Watch the trailer below.

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