Unofficial “Thrasher-Inspired” Apparel Gets Skate Mag Hot Under the Collar

Unofficial “Thrasher-Inspired” Apparel Gets Skate Mag Hot Under the Collar

Warning: Thrasher will name and shame you for ripping off its iconic flame-tipped logo.

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Thrasher calls out luxury denim brand, R13, on Instagram for its unofficial “Thrasher-inspired” distressed hoodie.

Thrasher didn’t mince its words in the caption that accompanied its post (featuring the R13 piece in question, pictured above). It read:

Unoriginal, rip-off crap, and @r13denim charges $295 [emoji] F**k off [emoji]. The People’s Court finds you GUILTY of being WEAK AF [emoji]”

But R13 is not the only brand to produce “rip-off” Thrasher pieces. The skate magazine recently called out H&M and Forever 21, both fast fashion giants, for producing merchandise that bore flame-tipped text similar to the Thrasher font.

The classic Thrasher tee has undoubtedly seen a resurgence in its popularity in recent times. A Vogue article published in 2016 deemed the tee “a rising staple in the model-off-duty wardrobe of any catwalker worth her Instagram following”. No surprise why clothing brands are jumping on board the Thrasher trend.

Photo: Thrasher Magazine

Aside from calling brands out on social media, Thrasher has taken steps to having common rights to its iconic flame-tipped design – one that the brand has used since 1991 – from February 1, 2017, reports The Fashion Law.

While there has been no official word as to whether or not Thrasher will file a lawsuit against R13, the luxury denim brand has made its Instagram account private – possibly to deter Thrasher fans (all 2.9 million of them) from leaving negative comments on its account.

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