Twitter Roasts the New McDonald’s Uniform

Twitter Roasts the New McDonald’s Uniform

Twitter hates a thing again. This time, it’s McDonald’s new uniform.

Photo: NME

The new McDonald’s uniforms have been compared to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the Third Reich, and the Galactic Empire by unimpressed Twitter users.

The updated McDonald’s uniforms were designed by fashion designers Bindu Rivas and Waraire Boswell. Boswell is notable for dressing and designing for notable Hollywood celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Bruno Mars, Ellen DeGeneres, and members of the NBA team such as Kobe Bryant. But despite the notable accolades, Twitter isn’t too impressed with the fast food chain’s new uniform.

McDonald’s will be outfitting its U.S. based staff in over 14,000 restaurants with the new uniforms, later this month. Currently, there is no word on whether or not the new uniforms will make its way overseas.

Additionally, despite the backlash against the restaurant’s new world order uniform. McDonald’s insists that an internal survey showed that more than 70% of restaurant employees felt that the “new uniforms provide a modern image that they would be proud to wear”, reports NME.

Check out some of our favorite Twitter reactions below:

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