Gucci Casts Aliens in its Upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Gucci Casts Aliens in its Upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Any idea what the luxury brand is trying to achieve?

Turning to the bizarre, Gucci releases a number of cryptic videos featuring aliens decked out in the latest Gucci fits.

The videos feature different types of aliens (amateur actors) decked out in the brand’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Released on Instagram, the videos depict several different aliens from all across the universe, seemingly auditioning for a film role.

This isn’t the first time the luxury brand turned to the bizarre on Instagram. The brand previously released a series of memes last March as part of a watch campaign; it fused pop culture references with Gucci merchandise.

While sources speculate that the luxury brand could be planning a standalone fashion film, it could well be another left-field fashion ad campaign that’s out of this world.

There’s more on Gucci’s Instagram but check out some of our favorites below:

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