Under-Armour-CEO-resigns-job council
News Published: August 15, 2017 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Resigns from Trump’s Council

The Under Armour CEO announced his decision on Twitter on August 15.

Under-Armour-CEO-resigns-job council
Screenshot: Kevin Plank’s statement on Twitter

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank has resigned from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council to focus more on sports, less on politics.

“We remain resolute in our potential and ability to improve American manufacturing. However, Under Armour engages in innovation and sports, not politics,” reads an excerpt from Plank’s statement as featured in the post (see screenshot above).

While Plank’s statement makes no mention of the August 12 white nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville nor does it allude to the uprising as the reason for his departure from Trump’s panel, the timing of his resignation is noteworthy.

In fact, Plank is not alone in the decision to abandon the council. The CEOs of Intel and Merck have also left their posts in the American Manufacturing Council following the Charlottesville rallies.

Our guess is that Plank could no longer in good conscience be associated with a president who took days to condemn the act of racism – not with people of diverse ethnicities such as Dwayne Johnson, Steph Curry, and  A$AP Rocky fronting his brand.

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