Underrated Asics sneakers of 2023

Underrated Asics sneakers of 2023

The Asics Gel-Kayano 14, Gel 1090 and Gel-NYC have become incredibly sought-after and have become a common sight among sneakerheads. Stand out with our selections of underrated Asics sneakers.

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Asics holds a special place in the hearts of top-tier runners worldwide for a good reason: their sneakers provide unmatched performance without sacrificing the vital support and cushioning. Lately, the fashion industry has also recognized their Y2K appeal, resulting in exciting and unique collaborations with influential names like Bodega and Cecile Bahnsen.

Aside from the comfort that an Asics sneaker provides, the Japanese brand is also known for its mastery of the ‘dad shoe’ silhouette that is loved by many in 2023. Their sneakers from the 2000s are now a prevalent sight among streetwear and fashion enthusiasts. Almost every sneaker prioritizes comfort which makes them a popular choice for everyday wear. This can be attributed to the reputation that has been built around Asics sneakers – they are known to be durable and long-lasting while coming in a wide range of styles and comfortable sizes.

The phrase ‘beauty is pain’ doesn’t apply to Asics– a brand that prioritizes both aesthetics and comfort in their sneaker designs. Here are our picks of some of the most underrated Asics sneakers you need to check out.

Asics Gel-1130 ‘Cream Kale’
Price: S$225 (US 9)
Shop here: GOAT

Underrated Asics Sneakers: Gel-1130 'Cream Kale'GOAT

The Asics Gel-1130 perfectly embodies the sought-after late 2000s running shoe style. This new version represents a more refined interpretation of the longstanding Asics silhouette known for its exceptional support. Besides drawing significant inspiration from the Gel-Kayano 14, it also pays tribute to the Gel-1000 series. 

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Synthetic leather overlays and mesh underlays retain the authentic design elements of the Gel-1130 while transforming it into a lifestyle-focused silhouette. Regardless of how you intend to wear it, this sneaker leverages Asics Gel technology cushioning to ensure enduring comfort throughout the day.

Asics Gel NYC ‘Black Ivory Grey’
Price: S$193 (US 9)
Shop here: GOAT

Underrated Asics Sneakers: Gel NYC 'Black Ivory Grey'GOAT

Introduced through a collaboration between Asics and Awake NY, the Gel-NYC combines design elements from Asics Gel-cushioned line to create a modern lifestyle sneaker with a touch of retro flair. After its initial launch in December, this understated silhouette now takes on a neutral grayscale color scheme.

In contrast to the color palette seen in the Awake NY collaboration, the release features an “Ivory” base layer complemented by metallic overlays in brushed silver and a darker suede mid-foot logo. The surrounding dark panels adopt a well-worn look on the mudguard and quarter, with a deep black shade. Meanwhile, the split “Clay Grey” and cream midsole add a light contrast to the overall monochromatic design.

Asics GT 2160 ‘Illusion Blue’
Price: S$165 (US 9)
Shop here: GOAT

Underrated Asics Sneakers: GT 2160 'Illusion Blue'GOAT

The GT 2160 is a tribute to the technical design principles of the GT-2000 series from the early 2010s. This version faithfully maintains the iconic design elements of the classic trainer, such as its sleek and distinctive appearance, along with the signature wavy forefoot sculpting. Drawing inspiration from the 2000s, the shoe also incorporates a segmented midsole structure and Gel technology inserts, resulting in a fusion of a Y2K aesthetic with advanced cushioning capabilities.

Asics EX89 ‘White Grand Shark’
Price: S$164 (US 9)
Shop here: GOAT

Underrated Asics Sneakers: EX89 'White Grand Shark'GOAT

Originally designed by Toshikazu Kayano in the 1980s, the Asics EX89 sneaker draws inspiration from two key sources: Asics 1989 Gel-Extreme basketball model and the designer’s 1987 trip to the United States. The classic design of this sneaker takes cues from the color schemes of NBA uniforms from the 1980s and showcases uppers that reflect sneaker designs from this era. Additionally, its outsole is meticulously crafted to resemble the skyline of a city when viewed from above.

Asics Actibreeze 3D Sandal ‘Black’ 2023
Price: S$287 (US 9.5)
Shop here: GOAT

Underrated Asics Sneakers: Actibreeze 3D Sandal 'Black' 2023GOAT

The Actibreeze 3D Sandal is specifically crafted to aid in post-run recovery. Its design follows a parametrically engineered construction that offers targeted comfort and enhanced breathability. Completely produced through 3D printing, this sandal boasts an additional thick lattice structure, which promotes relaxation for your body and feet, ensuring you’re prepared for your next run.


It is really hard to miss any of these underrated Asics sneakers, especially with how stylish and bold they look. Shop for more from Asics sneakers at GOAT

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