Urban Dwelling: Country home chic with an industrial edge

Urban Dwelling: Country home chic with an industrial edge

Drawing inspiration from their travels around the world, Andrew Tan and Crystal Ng have curated a home that’s country style chic with an industrial edge.

By Kim Hana
Photos by Joe Kiflie

Dwellers: Andrew Tan, Crystal Ng
Occupations: Investor, Human Resource Manager
Vibe: Country home chic with an industrial edge
Abode: 2-bedroom Executive Condominium at Privé @ Punggol

Creative license
When they first got their place at Privé @ Punggol, Andrew Tan and Crystal Ng had a pretty good idea what they wanted it to look like, so they did away with working with an interior designer. “It took a lot more work as we had to source for items and engage contractors on our own, but we knew exactly what we were getting and saved a lot of money in the process, which meant that we could stretch our budget more.”

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And the budget was stretched indeed – most of the furniture in their home was custom made and some of the paint colors, particularly those used in the bedrooms, can only be obtained from England! It took them one year to design, source and purchase the items and two months to renovate.

Easy living
Andrew and Crystal have identified the living area and the balcony as their favorite spots in their home for obvious reasons. Andrew said, “We designed it to be warm and cozy. We wanted a relaxing cafe feel to it.” The well-traveled couple got an idea or two from cafes they visited around the world. Like urbanites who know how to enjoy life, the couple relax on the balcony with beer and snacks on balmy evenings.

See the light
It’s not hard to see the light in this home. The home is well-furnished with vintage lights sourced from all over the world that cost from S$300 to S$700 each. Worthy mention goes to the exquisite antique pendant lights above the TV console from Northern England, reclaimed from an old disused hospital. The standing lights beside the 3-seater sofa were sourced during a trip to Penang. Don’t even make the couple pick their favorite piece – they like them all.

Curio curation
Apart from antique lighting, Andrew, an avid photographer, also has a collection of vintage cameras. Next, the couple is looking to acquire two road bikes – to be hung on the walls of their home. Other than that, they’ll have to wait for their next adventure overseas for more home design inspiration and ideas.

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