OOF-White: Virgil corrects Py_rates on Dunk leaks

OOF-White: Virgil corrects Py_rates on Dunk leaks

Virgil Abloh corrects Py_rates on their Off-White x Nike Dunks 2021 rumors.

Virgil Abloh Corrects Py_rates On Their Mockups Of His 2021 Dunks

Leaks are a quintessential part of sneaker culture today, and Instagram pages like @py_rates are some of the biggest purveyors of such information. Apart from its 193K followers, @py_rates can count Virgil Abloh a watcher of its account. Just hours ago, in response to its mockup of supposed 2021 line-up of Off-White Dunks, Abloh commented, “i couldn’t pick this many bad colorways if i tried”.

In response to Abloh’s correction, @py_rates suggested, “next time do you want to just do the mockups for us?”, a request we don’t see Abloh acceding to anytime soon.

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The mockups published by @py_rates were undoubtedly juicy. Dubbed “The 20”, the post features 20 pairs of unreleased Dunks, all rumored to drop this year. The 20 pairs will use the same Off-White x Nike Dunk Low silhouette as prior releases– double laces and all. Further, the account claimed that these Dunks are a follow-up to Abloh’s career-defining “The 10” collection that dropped in 2017.

Virgil Abloh Corrects Py_rates On Their Mockups Of His 2021 Dunks

Rarely do designers or brands reply directly to rumors or leaks. In doing so, and with just a single comment, Abloh debunks @py_rates renderings—and perhaps, arguably, its reputation, which has so far been fairly solid where it comes to predicting unreleased sneaker designs.

Such incidents are a reminder that leak accounts, no matter how trustworthy, don’t get it right all the time. It’s great that Abloh decided to step in to right these wrongs this time, but for future reference, always take leaks with a pinch of salt.

For more accurate information about Off-White’s upcoming Nike releases: Virgil’s “Public Domain” teases seven releases

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