Vogue Brazil’s Paralympics Campaign Comes Under Fire

Vogue Brazil’s Paralympics Campaign Comes Under Fire

The Brazil edition of Vogue magazine draws flak due to its latest ad for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.


Vogue‘s controversial campaign features two able-bodied actors, Cleo Pires and Paulinho Vilhena, photoshopped to look like amputees.

Pires is seen without her right arm, and Vilhena’s right leg is “replaced” with a prosthetic limb.

The publication claims that the ad was meant to raise awareness and generate ticket sales, but some Twitter users say that it’s insulting and highly offensive.

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Some wonder why Vogue didn’t choose to feature actual parathletes or even models with disabilities instead.

To add fuel to the fire, Vogue brought in two actual parathletes to the shoot to serve as inspiration, but neither were featured in the ad.

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Less than 15% of tickets for the Rio Paralympic Games 2016 have been sold thus far, and this campaign is unlikely to help make a push for ticket sales in any way.

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