Watch: Jason Paul Arcade Run

Watch: Jason Paul Arcade Run

World-class freerunner Jason Paul tackles a course that looks like it came right out of an old-school video game.

World-class freerunner Jason Paul has tackled many courses since he first embarked on the sport in 2005, but this is the first time we see the Red Bull athlete jump, flip and overcome obstacles in a 2-D maze that’s reminiscent of old-school video games and comes peppered with opponents, 8-bit gaming muzak and pixelated graphics.

One would assume that the freerunning film, aptly titled Jason Paul Arcade Run, was accomplished through extensive use of CGI and a green screen, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We won’t spoil it for you but watch till the end and be blown away by how the sensational Red Bull crew handled the production work. As Jason himself put it, “it was the coolest set in the world, the coolest team and the craziest idea”. Check it.

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