Watch: Singapore: ______ Nation

What kind of country is Singapore, and are its people happy? Watch as some of Singapore’s lifestyle opinion leaders navigate their way eloquently through these poignant questions. 

Singapore may have been ranked the “‘least positive’ country in the world” in 2012 and was found this year to have the least happy workforce, but its inhabitants are not accepting these labels blind.

To keep the dialogue on Singapore’s (un)happiness alive, Obey Singapore, along with self-styled creative content label, AMOK, have zoomed in on some of Singapore’s lifestyle opinion leaders including Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street; Vanessa Fernandez, Singer-Songwriter/Radio Director; and Daniel Goh, Beer Hawker and co-owner of Smith Street Taps, to understand their definitions of happiness and what makes Singaporeans happy – or not.

The result is a provocative 6-minute mini documentary of a collection of Singaporean voices that represent both the practical and philosophical approaches to achieving happiness. Better yet, the video is non-prescriptive, so take what you can identify most with, and make it your own truth. Power to the people.

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