The hottest adidas sneakers in 2023: retro kicks are trending

The hottest adidas sneakers in 2023: retro kicks are trending

Classic Adidas sneakers have begun to see a rise in popularity and models like the Samba, Forum and Gazelles are flying off shelves, thanks to the Y2K aesthetic. Learn how the trending look led the sneakers to mainstream popularity and check out our picks of the best Adidas silhouettes available today. 


Some of the hottest and trending Adidas silhouettes.GOAT

Classic Adidas sneakers are finally having their time in the sun thanks to the popularity of the Y2K look, which is deeply rooted in nostalgia. This romanticization of the past applies to every facet of the 2000s – punk rock is back, old-school graphic tees are beloved and sports apparel is fashionable again. TikTok creators and fashion influencers are now pairing old-school jerseys and baggy thrifted denim with retro sneakers. It’s not uncommon to see people rocking basketball jerseys with Forum Lows, or classic football tees with Sambas. This shift in fashion sensibilities shows a bias for vintage sports apparel and sneakers, and that’s how the Adidas Classics silhouettes come into the picture and started trending.

Thanks to their retro look, Adidas’ classic shoes which were originally made for soccer and basketball have become highly sought after. Models like the Campus, Gazelle, Samba and Forum enjoyed a boost in popularity with popular collaborations with Pharrell, Bad Bunny, Gucci, and Sporty and Rich. Fashion icons such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jerry Lorenzo have also been spotted wearing these Adidas silhouettes, propelling them further into mainstream popularity. Read on to find out more about the best Adidas silhouettes. 

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Released in 1970 as a basketball shoe for professional athletes, the Adidas Campus quickly gained traction among the skater, hip-hop and streetwear communities in the ‘80s. At the time, Adam Horowitz and Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys were seen wearing the Adidas Campus. They even wore the kicks on the cover of their popular Check Your Head album, which resulted in a spike in the popularity of the Campus.

One of the hottest adidas sneakers, the Bad Bunny x Campus 'Light'.

Bad Bunny x Campus ‘Light’
S$273 (US9)

One of the trending adidas sneakers, the Bape x Campus 80S '30TH Anniversary - Navy'.

Bape x Campus 80S ’30TH Anniversary – Navy’
S$203 (US9)


The Gazelle is one of Adidas’ most iconic shoes and was introduced in the mid ‘60s. A shoe made for sports, it was tested by the West German national football team and international handball athletes. Apart from its functionality and good looks, this trending Adidas sneaker is also the first to be made of suede. Being one of the hottest Adidas silhouettes since the ‘90s, the Gazelle was worn by figures like Madonna, the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams.

One of the best adidas silhouettes, the Gazelle Indoor 'Blue Fusion Gum’'.

Gazelle Indoor ‘Blue Fusion Gum’’
S$344 (US9)

One of the trending adidas silhouettes, the Sean Wotherspoon x Gazelle Indoor 'Kaleidoscopic Lens'.

Sean Wotherspoon x Gazelle Indoor ‘Kaleidoscopic Lens’
S$226 (US9)


Made in 1949 for football players, the Adidas Samba became one of the hottest sneakers of 2022 and the poster child footwear of the Y2K trend. The collaborations and celebrity endorsements for the Samba are the keys to its success. This can be seen from Adidas’ collaborations with British designer Grace Wales Bonner, Palace and KITH for the Samba in 2020, which caused its popularity to spike. Furthermore, they were spotted on the feet of style icons like Jerry Lorenzo, Bella Hadid and Frank Ocean.

One of the hottest adidas silhouettes, the Pharrell x Samba Human Race 'Cloud White’'.

Pharrell x Samba Human Race ‘Cloud White’’
S$302 (US9)

What are the best adidas silhouettes? The Samba OG 'Black Gum' is one of them.

Samba OG ‘Black Gum’
S$100 (US9)


The Forum was created in 1983 as a basketball shoe and became one of the hottest Adidas silhouettes. Top NBA and college athletes quickly adopted the shoe, which were much sought-after during the time due to its hefty price tag and public stamp of approval from then-rookie hot shot, Michael Jordan. After the hype died down in the following years, the Adidas Forum made a comeback by becoming one of 2020’s hottest sneakers, with Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Blackpink’s Lisa at the forefront.

What are the best adidas sneakers? The Bad Bunny x Forum Buckle Low 'Last Forum’ is one of them.

Bad Bunny x Forum Buckle Low ‘Last Forum’
S$293 (US9)

One of the trending adidas sneakers, the Forum 84 Low 'Orbit Grey'.

Forum 84 Low ‘Orbit Grey’
S$230 (US9)

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