What is the Nike Mac Attack?

With new collaborations and the OG version of the Nike Mac Attack making a comeback after almost 30 years, we take the chance to explore the rich history of this sneaker with this guide.

Side view of the Nike Mac Attack, learn more about its history with this guide.

Model: Nike Mac Attack “Light Silver/Black”
Price: approx. S$162
Shop here: To be updated 

The iconic OG Nike Mac Attack “Light Silver/Black” is rumored to come back to shelves this summer with its first-ever retro release. Wondering why this sneaker from the 1980s is so highly anticipated by fans everywhere? With this guide, let’s find out what the Nike Mac Attack is, its history and why it’s generating so much buzz within the sneaker community. 

Released in 1984, this dark colorway of the OG Nike Mac Attack stood out from the rest of the tennis shoes at the time, with the vast majority being all white. The shoes became an icon thanks to one of Nike’s signature athletes at the time: tennis player John McEnroe. Just like the shoes, McEnroe stood out. Most people remember him for his foul language and outbursts of anger, which set him apart from other tennis players who were generally well-behaved.

Tennis legend John McEnroe in his Nike Mac Attack, learn more about its history with this guide.Supplied

The OG colorway of the Nike Mac Attack comes in gray and black. The upper features light gray mesh underlays and smooth leather overlays with a black toe box, ankle collar and heel counter. The upper lays atop a gray outsole with a white midsole. On the tongue badge, the Nike branding can be seen along with an iconic checkered design. 

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After its release, the sneaker was slowly forgotten until 2021, when vintage pairs were spotted on stars such as Travis Scott and LeBron James. The unveiling of the shoe’s collaborations with Travis Scott and Social Status also added fuel to the fire. During the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami on May 6, Travis Scott was seen sporting a pair of the OG Nike Mac Attack colorway, but with a reverse swoosh, an unmistakable element of his sneaker collabs with Nike. 

The Nike Mac Attack Travis Scott was seen wearing, learn more about its history with this guide. Getty Images/Alexander Tamargo

Though there have not been any details of its release, there is much excitement around the pair. The first look of the Mac Attack’s collaboration with Social Status has also been released. According to the preview, it will arrive in three colors: green, blue and black, possibly with tearaway details on the upper. 

With so much hype around the Nike Mac Attack OG, its first retro release is expected to be a huge success. Stay tuned for more details on its official release date. 

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