WhatsApp for Desktop is Now Available

WhatsApp for Desktop is Now Available

WhatsApp for Desktop is now available as a standalone application for both Mac and Windows.

WhatsApp for Desktop

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WhatsApp for Desktop is the solution for those who want a stand-alone application.

The instant messaging platform, which claims to have more than one billion users, has extended its coverage beyond mobile phones and web browsers, with a native application that is now available on both Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks) and Windows 8+.

At first glance, users who have already been using WhatsApp Web may not see a significant difference between that and the new application. After all, they work in almost the same way, requiring the user to scan a QR code to get started.

However, WhatsApp for Desktop has additional features such as native desktop notifications and increased keyboard shortcuts. The app is also fast and responsive, and it doesn’t take up a tab on the web browser.

Try it out yourself to experience the new features – the app can be downloaded here.

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