WhatsApp May Soon Allow Users to Unsend Cringey Messages

WhatsApp May Soon Allow Users to Unsend Cringey Messages

A WhatsApp update that can retract cringey drunk texts your sober self will regret? Sign us up.


Photo: The Daily Mail

WhatsApp’s latest rumored update will save you from embarrassing drunk texts by allowing you to edit and retract sent messages.

Think about it. What’s the most needed WhatsApp update? If you answered the question with a resounding “unsend messages”, you’re on to something.

In the latest tech rumor, WhatsApp is now working on a feature allowing users to retract unread, sent messages within five minutes.

Additionally, the instant messaging app is also speculated to be working on another feature, allowing users to edit sent messages by tapping the message, reports the Daily Mail.

Other updates rumored to be coming to the app include the ability to share your location with other users as well as an updated change number feature allowing users to inform friends on their WhatsApp contact list of their new number easily.

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The updates are speculated to be released sometime after the next iOS 10.3.2 update. No release dates for either update have been made available but iOS 11 is expected to debut early June 2017.

The latest features are currently in beta-testing phase. If feedback from the tests proves positive the features will roll out to all users in future updates.

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