When Will John Cena Stop Being Champion?

When Will John Cena Stop Being Champion?

It’s not a good thing when nice guys finish first all the time. Case in point: WWE wrestler, John Cena. When will that guy retire?


Winning. It’s supposed to be a happy thing, right? Not when you’re John Cena.

In the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Battleground pay-per-view that just concluded a few hours ago, current WWE World Heavyweight champion, John Cena (above), successfully defended his belts against two tough-as-nails opponents. Instead of raucous cheers, his triumph drew yawns and boos from the audience.

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As far as the audience was concerned, it was more of the same. Cena, a 15-time champion, managed to defeat Kane and Randy Orton (pictured below), two wrestlers who have been in the business for just as long as Cena has (much longer in the case of Kane), and who also happen to have bigger arsenals of wrestling techniques than him.

Image credit: WWE

But Cena will keep winning because the WWE rakes in outstanding merchandise sales thanks to legions of kid fans who idolize Superman Cena. He’s also got a likeable, charitable personality, having been an active patron of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. To be fair, Cena isn’t a bad person; he’s just a happy pawn in the WWE game.

Sadly, true wrestling fans of the 80s and 90s no longer care for Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle or when he finishes off an opponent with an Attitude Adjustment. They care that it’s time the WWE pushes someone else to the top spot.

If the WWE is worried it won’t thrive in a post-Cena era, perhaps the best thing to do is to be prepared by championing newer stars now. For God’s sake, let our wrestling hero retire while he’s still in his prime – somewhat.

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