Why You Will Love WhatsApp on Desktop

Why You Will Love WhatsApp on Desktop

WhatsApp is finally available on the desktop, and we know that you will dig it for sure, especially when it comes to copping a pair of kicks. Find out why.


WhatsApp, arguably the most well-known messaging platform that knocked out the old-fashioned short messaging service (SMS), has made its way to the desktop. Accessible on Google Chrome and available to users of most handheld devices except those on Apple’s iOS, simply scan the QR code found on the site using the WhatsApp app to get started.

So what good does the desktop version of WhatsApp bring? For one, keeping up with conversations will be much easier and less conspicuous on the computer screen. No more dirty looks from fellow colleagues or worst, employers, as the days of being engrossed with messaging on the smartphone in the workplace are done and dusted.

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Plus, if you rely on fellow sneakerheads for hookups on fresh online releases, you know that time is definitely of the essence. Picture this: Helpful sneakerhead sends a hyperlink through WhatsApp. You open it in a mobile browser only to find the product page distorted, and coupled with the cumbersome process of having to key in credit card details on a smartphone keyboard, you might just lose your chance at copping a pair. WhatsApp on desktop will save you precious seconds and ensure that everything loads properly on Chrome. Let’s not also forget the fact that it’s easier and faster typing on an actual keyboard.

Give the desktop version of WhatsApp a whirl, and if you’re an iOS user, keep your fingers crossed and hope it becomes available soon.

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