Nike to introduce a series of women’s exclusive Nike Dunk Highs in 2021

Nike to introduce a series of women’s exclusive Nike Dunk Highs in 2021

These women’s Nike Dunk High colorways will arrive in early 2021.

Women's Nike Dunk High four colorways

The Nike Dunks are making a comeback in a big way and next year, the brand is courting the women.

By early 2021, Nike will release the Dunk in four colorways that are women’s exclusives. Check out the renders below:

Often touted as the next Air Jordan 1, the Nike Dunk is a classic, barebones leather-clad basketball sneaker that has received a sudden spike in interest in recent times. But unlike the Air Jordan 1 which saw very few releases at its peak, Nike seems to be approaching the Dunk as a general release (GR) sneaker – which means a large volume of sneakers will be released very early on. 

These women’s exclusive colorways are just some of the many Dunks slated to be released later this year or in 2021. You can either get your hands on an updated SB Dunk or a retro Nike Dunk, both of which suit very different styles and preferences. Learn more about their distinctions here.

What are your thoughts on these women’s Nike Dunk High? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

All images: Instagram/ @py_rates_

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