Here’s an official look at the unreleased Yeezy Boost 380 Alien

Here’s an official look at the unreleased Yeezy Boost 380 Alien

Here’s the truth behind the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien: it’s coming soon.

Looks like we’re well on our way to discovering alien life on feet. Adidas’ VP for global entertainment and influencer marketing, Jon Wexler, is here to confirm it.

Unidentified flying rumors are usually shot down by brand reps. But for the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien, Adidas has practically confirmed the silhouette’s existence with a tweet by Jon Wexler. Rumors first began swirling about the unreleased silhouette when Kanye West himself took it out for a walk in Los Angeles. Fans naturally got excited on social media for yet another new Yeezy silhouette, dubbed the Yeezy Boost 350 V3. Plus, it is high time the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 gets an update.

yeezy boost 380 alien Yeezy Boost 350 V3

Kanye West has a penchant for debuting sneakers on the streets.

With this latest development, whether or not the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien will replace the 350 V2s remains to be seen. But for fans of Kanye West’s growing sneaker catalog, the new silhouette undoubtedly presents a fresh option. Updated features include a distinct patterned print on the Primeknit and a thicker Boost sole unit without the prominent ridges found on the V2’s outsoles. Adding to that, the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien also features a snug ankle collar, not unlike the once-popular Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged.

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At the moment, a release date hasn’t been confirmed by Adidas. However, sources have speculated that the sneaker will drop sometime this year. Stay tuned for more updates when it comes.

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