Flex From Home With These Yeezy Boost Slippers

Flex From Home With These Yeezy Boost Slippers

Get your own cushy Yeezy Boost slippers that look a lot like the original, but won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you weren’t able to get your hands on any of the Yeezy Boosts that dropped last year, these Yeezy Boost slippers from Kickstarter aren’t a half bad option. Looking like oversized, kiddish versions of the real deal, the Yeezy-inspired slippers come in 350 “Turtle Dove” and 750 “Grey” colorways.


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While they don’t contain any of adidas’ proprietary Boost midsole technology, the foam soles and light nubuck fabric these slippers are made of are certainly comfortable enough for lounging around the house. Priced at a mere US$30 for a pair, or US$55 for two, the project has about US$4,650 and 15 days to go before it sees the light of day, or not.

For more pictures, check out the project on Kickstarter and Instagram.

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