Young Thug Drops “Webbie’ Music Video

Young Thug Drops “Webbie’ Music Video

Young Thug just released an eclectic music video to accompany his hit song, “Webbie”.

After taking over the mixtape game back in September with the well received JEFFREY, Young Thug is back with a music video to accompany his best track to date, “Webbie”.

Directed by Garfield Larmond, “Webbie” features the 25-year-old rapper donning black and white getup and hanging out with his bud, Duke, who’s also featured on the track.

The music video cuts to scenes of Thug’s huge AF mansion, well-stocked pantry and Thug himself throwing around wads of cash, showcasing every millennial’s dream.  

Since its debut back in Fall, JEFFREY has climbed its way up the charts and is said to be the “best mixtape to date”.

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For those unfamiliar with the hit rapper, you can stream his mixtape here.

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